Follow On Print – Screenprinting

Katy Goodrich

17–24 July 2024, 6–9pm Wednesday evenings only


Katy Goodrich


multicoloured screenprints of Keep on Keeping on text
Uncaptioned image
2 colour screenprints of Nina Simone on drying rack
multicolour screenprint; sometimes trouble shoots wight back at you text

Extend your knowledge of basic screenprinting- perfect if you have done our popular Intro to Print course, this two week course extends your understanding of the process of this planographic printmaking technique. A great refresher for those who already work with screen, with an artist tutor who is an expert in this process. You will look at creating both hand drawn, mark making and photographic images and confidently reproducing them in a professional studio setting.

Course Structure

Week One - You will be introduced to photographic screen printing - reproducing a photograph onto a screen and printing through mesh to create a small edition on paper. Best practice will be shared such as dealing with dry screens, mixing ink, flooding screens and angle and pressure of pull.

Week Two - Moving on to mark making you will be given a range of materials to create a variety of marks both drawn and painterly which you will then print onto paper and combine in a variety of ways to create layered and colourful prints.

About the Tutor

Leicester based artist Katy Goodrich has been a part of Leicester Print Workshop for the last 10 years. Starting as a volunteer she then undertook a 5 year apprenticeship at LPW learning all aspects of print and in 2020 Katy became a technician here in the studio. 

Specialising in screenprinting, Katy uses underwater photographs to create her work mainly using the CMYK colour separation technique.