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Join LPW

LPW members are a crucial and valued part of our community and make up a diverse range of practices, printmaking experience and interests.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to workshop including all printmaking and framing facilities
  • Free general induction into the workshop
  • Free annual refresher course
  • Artist opportunities including artist residencies and fellowships
  • 10% discount on all courses
  • Exhibition opportunity at LPW’s Annual Members Show
  • Access to specialist materials at reduced cost
  • Artist promotion
  • On site shop sales platform
  • Free inductions into additional techniques
  • Mentorship with expert printmaking technicians


Bursary Membership

Free to people with No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF)

Includes free studio use after induction, a materials budget and one free course per programme

Get in touch info@leicesterprintworkshop.com to chat through referrals

General membership

£100 Annual Membership Fee (£8.83 per month)
Studio Use: £20 per day/ £3.60 per hour

Concessionary membership

Available to students and recent graduates up to 3 years out of education

£80 Annual Membership Fee (£6.67 per month)
Studio Use: £16 per day/ £2.88 per hour

Associate membership

All membership benefits except studio use.

£50 per annum (£4.17 per month)

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