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Printmaker of the Month, September 2016

We’re created a space in the LPW Studio which can be booked by members to test out new ideas and exhibit final work, work in progress or any research or ideas.

The third exhibition in the space is a series of woodcut prints by LPW artist Hatty Buchanan

Hatty discovered printmaking quite recently following an MA in Design at Central St Martins and a taster course at Leicester Print Workshop. For Hatty, the process of printmaking is a constant interplay between thinking and making, the image and technology, representing the best combination of creative expression, rooted in craft technique. In Hatty’s words:

With all the other media in existence today that can make art and faithful reproductions of the world around us, the question is:

How can I work with printmaking in such a way to create something specific to print, that none of the other media can do?

I am looking for a sense of something, something that can’t be made in any other media – an image that is authentic to printmaking and purely to printmaking.

The starting point for my work is most often a spiritual one. This may seem quaint in an era when fashionable artists are generally more interested in ironic psychology than in the spirit, but the idea of conveying the spiritual through non-representational art is one of the key legacies handed down from its originators, in particular Kandinsky and Mondrian.

Woodcut is an inherently beautiful and simple process, an age old form and perhaps the most sculptural of all printmaking mediums. It is these essential qualities, of material and handmade process, which draw me to explore woodcut and its intrinsic and particular qualities.

I have a lack of interest in giving my work symbolic or narrative content. Instead, there is a process that is something like free association, spinning off from an original stimulus and taking risks exploring the idea without worrying too much about the outcome or failure. You might call it meandering with intent.

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