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Printmaker of the Month, September 2018

We’ve created a space in the LPW Studio which can be booked by members to test out new ideas and exhibit final work, work in progress or any research or ideas.

The current exhibition in the space is a selection of prints by LPW Artist Christopher Samuel.

I am an artist who works in several different mediums and am constantly exploring more. Much of my work centres on identity politics and analysing human interaction and relationships. I dissect my own understanding of what makes up our own unique identity and how it influences how we act and feel as people.

In this series, I focused on the relationship between citizen and state, specifically disabled people and the people who make the laws that impact their lives.

Housing Crisis is a series of prints originating from a string of real email exchanges between a care company, a care and health solicitor and myself, regarding the laws, rights and responsibility disabled people have in accessing independent living. These emails are from my own personal experience.

I utilise the process of redaction during the screenprinting process, building up layers to obscure sections of the text in the emails not only to conceal sensitive information but also to form powerful statements on equality for one of the most fundamental needs, housing. The redaction also acts as a metaphor for how I was essentially redacted from the conversation itself, when I would have to bear the weight of the results. When viewing the work I hope the viewers get a sense of how dense and muddy the waters get when interacting with the state apparatus and how complex bureaucratic navigation is.

Housing Crisis tackles the laws surrounding independent housing for disabled people, cutbacks in care and laws around health and care. Through this work, I aim to shine a light on the anxiety and uncertainty that disabled people face when it comes to living independently, and to show that the people who really suffer under these cutbacks in care and current laws are the people who rely on them most. I’m taking these, at times, dehumanizing interactions and reclaiming the power by creating poetic statement about perseverance, having a voice and self-love.

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