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Printmaker of the Month, October 2016

We’re created a space in the LPW Studio which can be booked by members to test out new ideas and exhibit final work, work in progress or any research or ideas.

The fourth exhibition in the space is a collection of textile prints by LPW artist Sue Rowland.

The experimental prints on show are part of Sue’s work in progress for our P2P 2016 exhibition. Sue’s print, A Dream of Nirvana can be seen in the exhibition, at Light Box at LCB Depot.

The starting point for these prints was the Easton Walled Gardens, where the old hall was knocked down after the war and the gardens left to run wild. Abraham Lincoln described the hall and gardens as ‘A dream of Nirvana….almost too good to be true.’ Now only ruins remain and the gardens are being restored.

In this work Sue has exchanged her illustrative linocuts for a more free approach with screenprint and monoprint techniques in subtle coloured layering. Sue says, ‘I wanted to create a sense of both place and time, a ghostly sense of the past and present overlapping with the wildness of nature interwoven throughout.’

‘Throughout my creative work I have always explored my love of pattern, texture and colour which I combine as I develop themes such as history, folklore and the countryside. My wish is for people to enjoy the visual images within my work but also to learn something new – whether that is an old English saying, information about nature conservation, or interesting historical facts. I usually spend days engrossed in books or online, or drawing in museums when researching an interesting new theme for my work.’

‘For me there is something magical about printmaking and the decisions involved in translating ideas into designs. I often combine linocut, monoprint and screenprint onto paper or onto fabric where I add machine and hand embroidery. I particularly enjoy the mindful process of cutting marks into lino, followed by inking up the block and the excitement of seeing the first print emerge from the press!’

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