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Printmaker of the Month, November 2017

We’re created a space in the LPW Studio which can be booked by members to test out new ideas and exhibit final work, work in progress or any research or ideas.

The current exhibition in the space is a collection of work in progress by LPW artist Anne Roberts.


Before leaving Leicester – and LPW – in 2006, I made prints in which letterforms, or parts of them, were elements in abstract compositions. This led to an interest in legibility – at what point does a letterform cease to become readable? ‘Junk alphabets’ were the result – created with ink and torn strips of paper, and using jars, pots, anything to hand, to make the curves. The one displayed has been translated into a woodcut.

In 2009 I started to learn bookbinding. I made and repaired conventional books, but also took time out to experiment with basic book structures, using cheap materials such as greyboard and newspaper stiffened with starch paste. I produced a series of ephemeral ‘book sculptures’. I also became interested in the textures and patterns which I could create by weaving newspapers.

I altered old books. Books are designed to contain an enormous amount of surface within a very compact space. My altered book ‘365 leaves’ shows this.

Now back in Leicester – and LPW – I am starting to combine book-making and letterpress printmaking in various ways. I use rubber-stamp letters in my books as well.

Constructing simple, and rather primitive, modular alphabets makes me realise how difficult it is to design an elegant typeface. Nevertheless, I preserve them in albums.

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