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Printmaker of the Month, March 2018

We’re created a space in the LPW Studio which can be booked by members to test out new ideas and exhibit final work, work in progress or any research or ideas.

The current exhibition in the space is a selection of Solar Plate prints by LPW Artist John Cumming.

Solar Plates

I came to the newly opened Leicester Print Workshop on a weekend Screenprinting Course taught by Nick Mobbs.

I enjoyed the process very much, having done no screenprinting in the past. I produced 2 or 3 prints and planned to continue with screenprinting to add to my previous printmaking techniques which I learned and forgot at Leamington College in the 90s.

I then went on a Solar Plate weekend course, once again taught by Nick Mobbs.
I immediately abandoned my screenprinting ambitions and began developing my ideas using the Solar Plate process.

I like the way I can use the process to recycle old photographic images and fuse them with more recent ones in order to re-invent them anew.

One on going theme is the “flying” man sightings. I like to make him get off the ground and visit places which have emotional meaning for me.

I am also working on a series of mask prints. Trying to capture fleeting moments of angst in the mundane. In Solar Plate printmaking there is a fine line between success and failure. I quite like the borderline between the two.

- John Cumming

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