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Printmaker of the Month, June 2018

We’re created a space in the LPW Studio which can be booked by members to test out new ideas and exhibit final work, work in progress or any research or ideas.

The current exhibition in the space is a selection of Lithograph prints by LPW Artist Veronique Mermaz.

Moods, emotions, states: how do you do it, how do you give it a shape?

I make pictures. I draw, I do printmaking. Drawing has been a companion since childhood. Drawing from life is where I want to be. When I draw I perceive things more fully. It is a self-justifying activity.

A few years ago I discovered screen printing at my local print workshop in Suffolk. Then lithography. After two summer schools at LPW in 2016 and 2017 I decided
to explore the process. It took me a bit of time to work out the sustainability of coming more often to Leicester, but here I am: after a car lift, a bus and then a coach trip, I can forget the world and dive into the limestone.

The limestone is a peculiar space where things move at a slow pace. Waiting. Doing. Re-doing. Who cares? It is a space of freedom and it has opened a new path for non figurative drawings that seems infinite.

The zinc plate displayed is my very first printmaking work: 1979, Ecole des Beaux-Arts et des Arts appliqués, Reims, France. It says: “comment dire” which translates “how to say, how to express”. I am back on track. Bliss.

- Veronique Mermaz, April 2018

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