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Véronique Mermaz

“I am old fashioned. I am into the craft of how to make [a picture]. It’s only then, as the work evolves, that the significance and the meaning can layer their way in. I am always asking how I can learn more. Then the question is: how do I make [pictures] that are meaningful to me and that are relevant to today?”

I borrow these words from the choreographer Trajal Harrell; they suit me.

Drawing has been a companion since childhood. Drawing from life is where I used to be.

In 2016, I started to explore stone lithography with the help of artist, printmaker and lithographer Serena Smith. The limestone is a peculiar space where things move at a slow pace. Waiting. Doing. Re-doing. The process is both raw and subtle and each stone is a discovery. This experience has opened a new path for abstract drawings that seems infinite.

Véronique graduated in Fine Arts at École des Beaux-Arts et des Arts Appliqués in Reims (France) in 1981. For 30 years she made a living in visual communication (Paris and the UK). She lives in East Anglia.