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Theo Miller

Theo Miller is a visual artist and printmaker, born in Leicester. He gained a first class degree in Fine Art from De Montfort University in 2014. Miller is currently living and working in Leicester as an Artist and also as a Technician for both Leicester Print Workshop and De Montfort University.

Printmaking, for Miller is an axis, a locus. He describes the beauty of printmaking to be that the final image is always affected by, and integral to the process itself. For him, each step and process has just as much significance as the finished print. Through extracting processes, examining details of how prints are made Miller challenges the perception of ‘print’ in its traditional forms by extracting processes and techniques and across multiple disciplines and using them to create work that speaks the rich language of printmaking. Miller is currently focusing on Letterpress, after being granted the Print Futures Award 2017. Look out for his most recent work in our upcoming LPW Exhibitions In Another Place, and his solo exhibition, Relics at The Print Room, our exhibition space at LCB Depot.

Miller also pioneered a coffee collaboration with St. Martins Square Coffee, Leicester and designed the label for our Printmakers’ Blend for 2017, this project was founded to feature the work of a new LPW Artist every year; the 2018 artist is Hatty Buchanan.

See more of Theo’s work on his website and his instagram site @a_t_mills.

Visit LPW to purchase Theo’s work and his Black Bridge Press cards in the LPW Shop.