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Rosemary Wels

Rosemary is a contemporary artist with a studio as part of Opus in Oldknows Factory Building in Nottingham.

Rosemary’s current work is about transience and looking through layers – of condensation, rain, times of day – all that is transitory and therefore a challenge to depict.

“I describe myself as an artist rather than a painter because the form my work takes extends from painting and drawing across a variety of disciplines such as original and digital prints, wall hangings and light boxes.

Having first completed an Art Foundation Course in Brighton, my degree equivalent Diploma in Art & Design at Kingston was in Fine Art / Painting and Printmaking. Following that I did an ATD at Cardiff which launched a lifetime’s involvement in Art and Design Education. After 27 years at New College Nottingham I now teach part time for the WEA, running a course entitled Drawing with Confidence in Sherwood, Nottingham.

Print has influenced my work in general. My printmaking experience started with etching on Foundation at Brighton, lithography at Kingston then screenprinting at Northampton followed by approx. 30 years teaching screenprinting (including textiles) at NCN until I left in 2003.

After that I joined LPW and tried relief printing (woodblock mainly) until they developed the screenprinting side. During this time, over the last 10 years or so, I have attended several LPW print courses, offsite workshops and a Japanese Water based Woodblock course at Edinburgh Print Workshop.”

View more of Rosemary’s work on her website