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Nick Mobbs

Nick’s work subverts the methods and rituals of childhood play to create images that conjure feelings of both nostalgia and anxiety.

His most recent series of works (entitled In Hiding) draws inspiration from children’s tendency to ‘hide’ in a very visible way under blankets and towels. Nick investigates how this childhood desire to cover ourselves to find ‘protection’ from being viewed is mirrored in society. Working with googled ‘found’ photographs of celebrities, athletes, suspects, party-goers etc all covering their faces, the artist has blurred or replaced the original backgrounds. Removed from context the figures’ reasons for concealing their faces become unclear and the characters become comic, menacing or uncanny.

At the heart of Nick’s works is an anxiety, a feeling that we are not secure and our position of safety (physical or emotional) is threatened by some keenly felt but vaguely perceived source.

As well as teaching at Leicester Print Workshop, Nick also teaches Printmaking at De Montfort University and Fine Art and Photography at the University of Nottingham.

See more of Nick’s work on his website