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Lesley Brooks

I consider myself to be a fine artist; I paint and I print make.

Printmaking does create new and different questions for me compared to when I paint in oils on canvas.

For a start, my prints are more defined by the cut or etched line and the resulting prints are nearer in style to my mixed media compositions, I think. There is generally more texture and evidence of a build up of layers in my etchings.

I am, however, convinced that my printmaking approach influences my painting and visa versa, irrespective of the medium.

The other big difference between my painting and printmaking is the printmaking process that I am currently exploring; sugar lift, etching and aquatint, which relies on me having access to the well equipped print workshop at LPW, because I don’t have the facilities at home. This is sort of my intention, as it motivates me to get into the workshop and work alongside other fine artists, which is both educational and inspirational.

There is so much to learn and so many skills to refine, I enjoy the challenge – particularly on a good day, when the outcome is more than I hoped for.

Please look at my website to see more of my work.

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