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Kate Da'Casto

“Although I am passionate about many forms of print I keep coming back to etching, much of my final year degree work resolved itself through this – notably in the series of three prints in the ‘Suspension’ series. These images began as photo etched plates, with two being further worked and etched to fully express their sense of mysterious, inexplicable narrative.

Having attended a book making day course with artist Lucy May Schofield, I realised I had found the perfect form for my smaller, intimate and personal work and therefore made a total of 47 books (some single, some in editions of 6 and 7) for my final degree show. There is a sense of preciousness and yet also of the everyday to a book that I find appealing and seductive. They are to be read, enjoyed, thrown away or passed on but also, for others, they are highly prized, intimate, exotic and collectable items. I enjoy the sense of creating my own library of information and enquiry with these books – they have a natural authority as an object but the contents have no obligation to express anything other than my own point of view and my query into the human condition.

My work often expresses itself through sculpture and this further feeds back in to my own printmaking process. I ‘think aloud’ into fully realised forms which then inspire my printmaking and allow for further refinement of expression. In terms of subject matter, I am drawn to the visceral, the sensual enjoyment of the organic but couple it with a cool, calm cerebral aesthetic which allows difficult and challenging subjects to be explored, reflected upon and enjoyed.”

Kate was awarded the Leicester Print Workshop prize at the 2010 DeMontfort University Fine Art Degree Show, and she is our current Artist in Residence for 2013 / 2014.

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