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George Sfougaras

The themes in my work are people and places that I have known, or appeal to me on some spiritual or aesthetic level. I have been lucky to have travelled and to be still travelling widely. Of course real discovery does not require one to do so, but for me personally it has added to my awareness of the diversity of our world.. In the final analysis, I now realise that it is my/our human emotions and inner thoughts that I try to express in my work. I try to show what it is like to be ‘here and now’ and what it feels like to be part of an ephemeral, complex, beautiful and sometimes challenging and painful continuum. I paint and print what I feel, through the portraits of people that affect my life, and the anonymous people whose lives are known to me only by conjecture and by our shared humanity. My interests include cultural nuances, special needs and historical events and minutiae, as well as broader global impact concepts in politics, gender, religion and relationships.

You can read a little more regarding some of the work on my blog, website and at Leicester Society of Artists.

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