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David Clarke

David Clarke Dip.A.D. M.A.

As part of his original studies in fine art David fell in love with printmaking and as a result was drawn into the advertising industries where he could learn and explore the full scope of design and print possibilities. Although very successful throughout his design career the pull of printmaking as a method of making fine art has never been too far from the surface.

His formative years were influenced by the likes of Andy Warhol, Bridget Riley, Patrick Caulfield. These were exciting times as art was crossing many traditional barriers. Warhol designing Rolling Stone Album covers, Mary Quant using Bright Riley optical art on dress designs to name just two instances. Art, Design, Fashion, Music were all in a melting pot of creativity.

Now, after nearly 40 years design experience, David said he could not ignore the pull of art any longer. The opportunities to explore and utilise modern production techniques including digitally generated imaging was just too strong. So, he put the commercial world back in its box and now solely concentrates on creating art as art.

His current work is usually large format, contemporary and as you would expect graphic and quite minimal. He says its all about juggling balance, spacial awareness and the tension between the component parts. His work is normally presented in series or sets where he explores subjects like ‘Events’ or ‘Cast Shadows’ or issues such as ‘Urban Chaos’.

As an associate member of the LPW David is keen to support any artist, professional or otherwise engaging with any printing methods to create art.

You can see more of David’s work here:

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