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Connie Liebschner

Connie’s work is based on the interplay between light, time and space. she attempts to document fleeting, transitory moments, flowing between representation and abstraction, conscious and subconscious. Connie uses a combination of digital photographic prints along with more traditional methods of print making. At Leicester Print Workshop, Connie explores the rich breadth screen printing, using a mixture of paper stencils, image transfer and direct drawing/painting onto the screen. The physical method of making juxtaposes the digital processes used to create the photographic works. This enables Connie to further explore and challenge the hierarchy of image production, allowing her to question how personal experience may best be described.

Connie Liebschner studied Fine Art at Loughborough University. She graduated in 2016 with a First Class (hons) degree and also received the LPW student Prize which has aided her to continue developing her practice.

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