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Brendan Campbell

I graduated from Coventry College of Art in 1968 and followed a wandering career through computer programming, lecturing and into teaching. By 1997 I had enough of picking up used needles before school and battling with silly governors, so I took early retirement and returned to Leicester.

To date I have completed a commission for a set of stained glass windows and two shows of work. Lacking workshop facilities was frustrating. The back of a spoon is not the same as a good press. So it was a wonderful when I ‘found’ Leicester Print Workshop. I love the feel of a plate, the process of working it and the image, through to the surprise moment of pulling off the print.

Having had a small narrowboat on the Soar I am fascinated by water and movement. Beaches and sea walls have always intrigued me, conjuring up images of childhood holidays and walks on the shore finding stones and bits of wood, with the sea moving beside me. As a child I remember listening in bed to the boats on the Lough, the gulls and knowing the sea was close by.

In the last year I have been on a roll since joining the Workshop and using their refresher courses. It is such a thrill to work with print again, so, thanks to all at LPW.

Brendan Campbell, December 2012