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Beate Dehnen

Beate is drawn to the fine art of printmaking and painting as well as experimenting with visual experiences on a broader sense. For her art has very much to do with communication and the space we live in. Art doesn’t stop at a frame, it spills over into rooms and beyond.

Moving back and forth between England and Germany Beate has developed a deep love for languages and a fine sense for words, meaning and communication which shows in her art-work.

Art and creativity are a leitmotiv in her work, both in art and educational projects. Leicester Print Workshop with its friendly atmosphere and wonderful equipment surely played a key part in her deepening and extending a joyful passion for the fine art of printmaking. It is the link between craftswomanship in the process of creating print-blocks, developing technical procedures and the artist’s inspirational expression which are so appealing to her. Letterpress elements often feature in her prints – introducing an interplay of language and image, insight and expression.

Beate works as artist, author, teacher and educationalist. She organises and holds regular art-workshops and educational projects both in the UK and abroad. She works with in a variety of groups: home-educated children and young people, people at the fringes of society like asylum seekers and others. She teaches in bilingual settings at the German Language Academy.