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Bali Love-Jenkins

An award-winning artist who graduated with a BA Honours in Art & Design, Bali showcases her work internationally and has had two solo exhibitions at the New Walk Museum in Leicester.

Bali has found printmaking at LPW to be an exciting way for her to escape and experiment with different ways of stencilling to create collections of monoprints based on abstract objects & shapes. Bali prefers a method that is simple and uncomplicated without overthinking the result, allowing her to have the freedom to be spontaneous.

In her other artwork, Bali specialises in oils & gold leaf. She creates loose and dynamic, textured art, drenched with vibrant colours. Working with mixed media collages, butterflies & roses, thes are then embellished with Swarovski crystals to create eye catching and exciting finishes.

Her impressive collection consist of one off original pieces only.

Visit her website here.