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Andrew Morgan

Although I have drawn and painted all my life, I have only recently discovered printing: I attended LPW’s Introduction to Print course in early 2018, became hooked, joined LPW in April and have been a regular user ever since.

Having tried a range of techniques, I found I was particularly drawn to collagraphs. I really enjoyed the process of the plate making: the use of and sculpting of collaged materials seemed a natural extension to my use of textural materials in my paintings. I was excited by the shapes, textures and organic qualities of the resulting printed image, which are well suited to the depiction of my favourite subjects of landscapes, trees and woodlands and allow me to capture their forms, shapes textures, and patterns.

With time and practice the possibilities of the technique and process has opened up – the different ways of inking a plate, use of multiple plates, combination of printing and painting techniques are all things I am discovering and exploring.

Printing has opened up a whole new world and direction for me. I look to forward to delving deeper into the world of collagraphs and learning more about other printing techniques and how they can be combined with collagraphs to interpret much loved subjects in new ways.