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Amy Pritchard

“The opportunity to develop my style at Leicester Print Workshop has not only given me the freedom to experiment with textile printing, but also the chance to support and teach on the adult courses run at LPW. I would like to take the time to thank all those who have supported me to date.”

I became a member of Leicester Print Workshop in early 2016 after taking a couple of courses focusing on screenprinting using paper and fabric. I fell in love with the process, the freedom and fluidity of screenprinting. My inspirations come from all angles, and can be completely random. To list a few: music, silhouettes, lace design, lingerie, Arthur Rackham, festivals, Alice in wonderland, pop art, retro, vintage, dance, travel and emotions. I enjoy hand drawing and taking photographs – I love to edit my imagery using filters and apps. For me this is a great way of connecting with the world and showing how I feel through my own creations.

A recent collaboration between myself and Thomas Moench combined screenprinting t-shirts and the launch of his bamboo bike range – February 2017.

“Bicycles, in essence, nothing more than circles turning circles. It’s the human motor that turns it into the most efficient machine on the planet. We at Biotic Bikes ( want to revolutionise the way bicycle frames are constructed. Frames are commonly made out of carbon fibre, aluminum or steel. But there are several problems with these materials, they all require huge amounts of energy in their production and they are very stiff, which makes the ride uncomfortable. For these reasons. We are building and selling sustainable, comfortable and fast bicycles made out of bamboo. Just like Leicester Print Workshop we pay tremendous attention to detail and believe in true craftsmanship. We want to thank LPW and Amy, in particular, for the help with the logo design and t-shirt printing.”

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