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Talking about Lithography - Interview with Lee Turner

In 2005 Lee Turner, Tamarind Master Printer, established Hole Editions in Newcastle – a collaborative printmaking workshop, specialising in hand lithography.

When did you first encounter lithography?
1992/3, Doncaster College, 18+ Foundation Course, taught by Graham Firth.

Where did you learn / study lithography?
See above. Manchester Metropolitan University, taught by Bill Orobiej
Tamarind Institute, taught by Rodney Hamon & Bill Lagatutta

What was it that attracted you to the technique and made you want to learn more? What do you enjoy most about the process?
Drawing on a rock and taking a print from it, how good is that.

Why do you choose to use lithography over any other printmaking process?
I don’t. I use the process that is most suited to a specific project. Although as litho is incredibly versatile I do use it predominately.

What influence has lithography had on your own artistic practise? Has it affected your way of working / thinking?
For sure. Spending many years learning the nuts and bolts of any process will have an influence. Thinking about how to make a piece as a litho is usually the first port of call. I wouldn’t say that I have an artistic practice, I would say that I make lithographs as a practice of technique. I’m always learning and relearning with litho.

Do you find any particular artist’s lithographs inspiring?
Oh, there are many and for lots of different reasons. I’ll go for Robert Cottingham.

You can find out more about Lee Turner and Hole Editions here.

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