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Books and resources - Lithography

Lithography technique sheets

Stone lithography
Photoplate lithography
Basic Stone Lithography – Atzol method
Top Tips for Stone Lithography


Antreasian, G and Adams, C. (1977) The Tamarind Book of Lithography: Art & Techniques Harry N. Abrams, Inc

Artmonsky, R. (2012) Do you want it good or do you want it Tuesday? The halcyon days of W.S Cowell Ltd. Printers Artmonsky Arts

Felix H Man (1953) 150 years of artists’ lithographs, 1803-1953 Heinemann

Freedman, B (1936) Lithography. A painter’s excursion. Signature Magazine

Powers, A (2008) Art and Print: The Curwen Story Tate Publishing

Weaver, P. (1964) The Technique of Lithography Reinhold Pub. Corp

LPW artists

Kathryn Desforges was the lithography intern for 2013. Visit her website and read her blog for information on lithography, her work and her time at LPW.

Serena Smith

Soraya Smithson

Online resources

Stone Lithography Facebook page – a great resource for anything lithography-related, set up and run by Simon Burder of Oaks Editions Lithography Studio, London

To buy lithographic stones

A good explanation of the lithography process with images:

How stuff works – stone lithography

Lisa Wilkens: Reflective journal

Sarah Gordon: working notes

Lithography – Printmaking Kingston University

Kevin Haas – Photoplate lithography

Jeanne Luthi: Photoplate lithography

Talking about Lithography

Our 2013 Lithography Intern Kathryn Desforges interviews artists working with lithography.

Sue Baker Kenton, artist and printmaker

Andrew Hambleton, artist and printmaker, trained at the Tamarind Institute, New Mexico

Danielle Creenaune, artist and printmaker, working mainly with lithography

Lee Turner, Tamarind-trained Master Printer and Hole Editions, Newcastle

Claire Morris-Wright artist and printmaker

Other organisations who offer stone lithography

Tamarind Institute, Albuquerque, New Mexico, US
Research, Education and artistic projects in fine art Lithography

The Curwen Studio, Cambridge, UK
Collaborative printmaking for artists and photographers

Curwen Print Study Centre, Cambridge
Open-access printmaking and courses including lithography

Highland Print Studio, Inverness, UK
Open-access lithography

Edinburgh Printmakers, UK
Open-access lithography and courses

London Print Studio, UK
Open-access lithography and courses

Gainsborough’s House, Sudbury, Suffolk, UK
Open-access lithography and courses

CFPR – Centre for Fine Print Research, University of the West of England, UK
Courses in stone lithography

Black Church Print Studio, Dublin
Open-access lithography and courses

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