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Film & Print

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Film & Print was a series of collaborations between LPW artists and Seven Five filmmakers and photographers, which culminated in an exhibition and screening.

The Artists and Films

Alexzandra Jackson & Soraya Smithson – What Strange Beasts Are We
Clare Speller & Sue Baker Kenton
Gurdeep Sian, Laura Wilkinson, Peter Clayton & Katharine Brown – TracesAEHY
Iain Jaques & Sat Kalsi
Keith Allott & Katy Goodrich – Use Clean Hands
Thomas Tyrell & Barry Bulsara – Screenprint Magic
Bill Newsinger & Kathryn Des Forges – Stone Lithography

The Film & Print exhibition and screening premiered at the Phoenix Cinema, Art, Cafe Bar on Wednesday 15 May 2013 and has been screened several times since. You can watch all these films online through our vimeo channel

  • Installation detail at Phoenix Cinema & Arts Centre