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Artist in Residence 2013/14 - Kate Da'Casto

Kate Da’Casto is the Leicester Print Workshop Artist in Residence for 2013/14.

This year long residency began with a two month (two day a week) posting at Compton Verney in South Warwickshire.

On Tuesdays and Saturdays for ten weeks between October and December 2013, Kate was based in a pop up studio at the gallery, in the space neighbouring Curious Beasts: Animal prints from the British Museum, Enid Marx’s Animal Alphabet and Leicester Print Workshop’s excellent exhibition A Fantastical Animal Alphabet.

A Fantastical Alphabet exhibition will tour to Alfred East Gallery in Kettering in March 2014.

Limited Edition print

During her time at Compton Verney Kate produced an edition of 50 etchings entitled Liminal I. Sold in aid of Leicester Print Workshop, each print costs £60 unframed and £75 framed. Please email us if you would like to purchase Liminal I.

Liminal I

Liminal I - Etching by Kate Da Casto

Liminal I, inspired by Compton Verney’s ‘Adam Bridge’ sphinxes, shows a skeletal figure flying toward the viewer. Kate says of the print: “The weird anatomy and the disjointed unaccountability of the figure makes the viewer question their reality – does this creature actually exist? It looks fantastical yet plausible and delicately horrific.

Traditionally the gatekeeper, she has been allowed to stand upright here, and is a more predatory and challenging figure than her more usually four footed counterparts. Her feminine beauty has been removed and signifiers such as breasts are no longer evident. Her power is expressed in her serene yet aggressive stance and all too visible anatomy. She is uncompromising and unrepentant whilst being gracefully fascinating, her fragility no bar to being a creature of power and force.

A ‘liminal’ being, she hovers between human and animal – expressing the best and worst of these states, holding a familiar ‘otherness’ for the viewer to consider. Her face offers no answers here but simply approaches us calmly and with a self-assured serenity.”

Why I Love Etching – a report by Kate Da’Casto

Read this brilliant report by Kate on her favourite printmaking technique – etching.

  • Detail from Kate's Pop Up Studio
  • Detail from Kate's Pop Up Studio