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Small Print Prizewinners Show

Small Print Prizewinners Show
Danielle Creenaune & Andrew Kozlowski
LPW Exhibition Space
22nd July – 28th October 2017

We are very happy to present lithographs and intaglio prints from two of our Small Print International prizewinners, Danielle Creenaune (Spain) and Andrew Kozlowski (USA).

Danielle Creenaune, Terres Altes

Australian born artist Danielle Creenaune lives and works in Spain. Her work explores the dialogue between how landscape is seen, how it is perceived through our library of pre-lived experiences, and how this is reflected through the visual language of gesture. Her prints peruse presence and place, informed by our spatial and sensory experiences of landscape and examine what it feels like to be in certain landscapes.

The pieces in this exhibition have been inspired by both the Australian landscape and the Catalan Pyrenees, at times resulting in hybrid landscapes. Particular places trigger connections between past memories, associations and the present moment, which Danielle aims to express through intuitive and spontaneous marks and gestures.

Danielle works across different forms of print media and often combines them within the same image. She primarily uses traditional lithography, intaglio, relief, monotype and chine collé. Over the last four years, she has been exploring the technique of Mokulito – or wood lithography. Mokulito originated in Japan in the 1970s and shares the same principles of lithography: that water and oil do not mix. In traditional stone lithography and Mokulio, the image is drawn onto the printing matrix or plate using greasy inks and crayons. The discovery of Mokulito allows artists to combine lithography with woodcut, to create images with soft lithographic traces and sharp woodcut marks. For Danielle, it is the unpredictability, imperfection and variability of the technique which draws her to working with lithography.

Andrew Kozlowski, Unfinished Sculptures

Andrew Kozlowski is an American artist who lives in Jacksonville, Florida. The etchings in this exhibition are part of an ongoing series entitled Unfinished Sculptures, started in 2015. Whilst individual prints from the series have been shown in numerous group shows, this exhibition marks the first time that a large number of works from the series have been shown together.

The prints are inspired by recent travels to Rome, a city which is both real and imagined, built on solid stone and marble as much as mythology and belief. Printed on a faux notebook paper in ballpoint pen blue, their collective title suggests a tension between the solidness of what they are (sculptures of bronze, marble, wood, bone and beer cans) and the fact that they remain only plans and dreams, never being fully realised.

Andrew is drawn to the history of print, in particular its relationship to telling stories, as well as the different drawing qualities and working methods that different printmaking techniques offer. We are delighted to host his first major show outside the USA.

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