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Small Print International 6

Small Print International 6 will take place online!

Leicester Print Workshop’s Sixth Mini Print Exhibition Goes Digital
View & Purchase Online at
28 November 2020 – 13 February 2021

We are very happy to present Small Print International 6 as an online exhibition.

For our sixth edition, artists were invited to create work inspired by the first Aerogramme, which was introduced into the Iraqi postal service in 1933 by the Inspector General of Posts and Telegraphs.

For many years, the aerogramme remained the cheapest form of international communication, and people often went to extreme lengths to make the best use of the space available, including writing in different colours, in different directions, and printing directly onto the aerogrammes. Self-adhesive strips along the edges of the paper allowed it to be folded and sealed, and therefore private, without the added weight of an envelope.

Artists could respond to the literal context of the aerogramme, or take a more lateral approach.

The exhibition was devised before the tumultuous events of 2020 unfolded, a year that has shaken our notions of communication to the core; forcing all of us to find new ways to communicate with our nearest and dearest as well as with those near and far in all aspects of our lives. This year more than any other has made personal and intimate correspondence and communication highly sought after, treasured and appreciated once again.

This exhibition thrives in this new context, each image a personal postcard, original and unique, often painstakingly and / or lovingly created visual messages that present a new line of communication, so poignant now that so many of us around the world are living in an age of restricted and challenging sometimes indirect, partially veiled communication.

The exhibition will open online on Saturday 28 November, as part of our first online Print Festival and Print Fair events. These online events and happenings mark our 5th anniversary in our St. George Street building and will be an extra special, albeit online occasion.

All work is for sale. Visit the online exhibition and shop here.

Please note that all orders placed after 16 December will be processed and posted when LPW reopens after Christmas on Tuesday 12 January 2021.

Small Print International 6 Artists

  • Carry Akroyd
  • Amelia Bown
  • Lesley Brooks
  • Kay Campbell
  • Prerna Chandiramani
  • Pamela Clarkson (Kwami)
  • Judith Cole
  • Karen Cornelius
  • Robert Creighton
  • John Cumming
  • Kate Da’Casto
  • Morgan Farrow Mclaren
  • Kate Fortune Jones
  • Sarah Frances
  • Emma Gardner
  • Eric Gaskell
  • Robles Gervasio
  • Colin Gillespie
  • Peter Griffiths
  • Philip Harper
  • Catharine Hodges
  • Eeva Huotari
  • Takanori Iwase
  • Michelle Keegan
  • Sarah Kirby
  • Susan Krejzl
  • Debbie Lee
  • Annie Lee
  • Jo McChesney
  • Karen McInnes
  • Veronique Mermaz
  • Gregory Millar
  • Mia O
  • Emma Powell
  • Peter Rapp
  • Pat Schaverien
  • George Sfougaras
  • Norma Silverton
  • Gill Smith
  • Serena Smith
  • Victoria Smith
  • Marie South
  • Frances St Clair Miller
  • Sally Stephens
  • Jane Sunbeam
  • Nikki Tait
  • Helen Taylor
  • Mike Tingle
  • Jill Vigus
  • Rebecca Whitelaw
  • Business as Usual, Peter Rapp
  • Cheeto Tweeto, Kay Campbell
  • Dinard 1933, Anne Lee
  • Travel Plans, Kate Hodges
  • Eric Gaskell, Letters Home - Italy