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Print/ Process/Performance

LPW Gallery
9th February – 4th May 2019

The title of the exhibition, Print, Process, Performance, is in reference to “intermedia”, a term coined by Fluxus artist Dick Higgins, to describe artwork that falls between media, merges from one medium into another, or resists rigid artistic categorisations.

The exhibition was inspired by an artwork by Roy Bizley (Give, which you can see on the front of our current brochure) and presents the work of four other artists who interweave process, print and performance to break away from the restraints of overly theoretical or skills led practice; opening up moments for unpredictability, collaborative interventions and redefining the role of the artist. In both Fluxus and Concrete Poetry movements, print is used as a way for artists to respond to other artist’ work and as a means to disseminate ideas. There is also a playfulness and humour evident in much of the work, subtly relying on the viewer’s imagination to bring it to life.

Each artist takes a different approach to the use of print. Philip Corner’s Early Fluxus Music Events consists of a series of “scores”, or open instructions, given to other artists to interpret to create new sound based performances. For Alison Knowles print functioned as an expression of her other process-based concerns, creating screenprints as visual documentation of the Fluxus “happenings” and other events. Ian Hamilton Finlay and Henri Chopin use language as a form of aesthetic enquiry, as the typeface expressively moves around the page.

The works by Alison Knowles, Henri Chopin, Ian Hamilton Finlay and Philip Corner are being shown with the kind permission of De Montfort University. The prints are part of the University’s Art Collections.

Launch Event

Join us for the launch event on 13th February, where Kate Slovak-Wilkes and Kevin Holdaway will talk about the work in the DMU collection. Learn more here

Image © Alison Knowles