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Partnership Staircase - Vijay Patel, DMU

We’re very happy to be one of De Montfort University’s partner art organisations, showing work by LPW Artists in the Partnership Staircase.

Linking the Design Wing to the Arts Tower in the Vijay Patel Building, staircase 3 showcases the ‘next steps’ available to Art and Design graduates in Leicester’s art scene.

Each floor displays work from one of De Montfort University’s partner art organisations:

Floor 0/1 Leicester Print Workshop
Floor 1/2 Two Queens
Floor 2/3 Phoenix
Floor 4/5 Silver Vine Arts
Floor 5/6 studionAme

This year, we are using the space to spotlight LPW Printmakers of the Month on our floor of the staircase.

We’re created a Printmaker of the Month space in the LPW Studio which can be booked by LPW Artists to test out new ideas and exhibit final work, work in progress or any research or ideas. This exhibition features work by 6 artists who were printmakers of the month between 2017/18: John Cumming, Veronique Mermaz, Claire Morris-Wright, Jane Sunbeam & Joyce Thomas.

The Partnership Staircase is located in the Vijay Patel Building on DMU Campus. Download a Campus Map. Vijay Patel Building is number 38 on this map.

VJP is open to the public, general opening hours are 7am – 7pm.

Visitors should report to / introduce themselves to ground floor reception staff before going to take a look at the Staircase Exhibition.

Partnership Staircase Leaflet

  • Jane Sunbeam
  • Joyce Thomas
  • Veronique Mermaz
  • John Cumming
  • Claire Morris Wright