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Our Big Move Exhibition

LPW Exhibition Space
8th February – 29th April 2017

This exhibition marks the culmination of a year long artist residency project to mark and celebrate Leicester Print Workshop’s move from the Highfields area of Leicester to the heart of the city’s Cultural Quarter in November 2015.

Artists were invited to propose ideas for new work exploring notions of print in the widest of senses, with the freedom to work in any method or medium, inspired by and reflecting the ambition and scale of LPW’s Our Big Move project.

The opportunity was awarded to three proposals by four artists – Sumiko Eadon & Emma Gardner (working in partnership) Sarah Kirby and Theo Miller.

These new works commemorate an important milestone in Leicester Print Workshop’s history and demonstrate the potential and possibilities our new building provides.

The exhibition shows a selection of work created as part of the residency and incorporates linocut, silkscreen, photoplate lithography and letterpress.

Sumiko Eadon & Emma Gardner have produced a series of silkscreen prints and photoplate lithographs exploring the process of moving and senses of place and emptiness by manipulating and layering images.

Sarah Kirby’s large scale linocuts put the move into historical context, marking milestones in Leicester Print Workshop’s story from our beginnings in Knighton Lane in 1986 to where we are now.

Theo Miller’s alternative approach to printmaking has led to a celebration of fresh starts utilising letterpress, silkscreen and alternative pigment making.

The Artists

Sumiko Eadon & Emma Gardner

Sumiko Eadon and Emma Gardner have made work collaboratively for the first time for this residency, having met and becoming familiar with each other’s work whilst working together as LPW studio volunteers. Whilst using different print processes, their work shared themes and aesthetic sensitivities.

The artists documented the move, visiting the construction site regularly to photograph the new build as well as capturing the departure and retirement of the old workshop, resulting in an extensive archive of images. Working together they shared technical knowledge and taught each other new ways of making images. Emma refreshed Sumiko’s memory of photoplate lithography, and Sumiko taught Emma CMYK screenprinting. Sumiko has explored layering different images, creating a sense of ‘moving’ – moving both within a room, or beyond and between places and time. Emma has explored light and colour within a single image or space, experimenting with manipulating inks during the CYMK process.

The residency and collaboration has challenged each other’s approach to working and opened up boundaries, allowing both artists to explore new possibilities within their practices.

Sarah Kirby

Sarah has been a member of Leicester Print Workshop since moving to Leicester in 1991. The Workshop has been at the centre of her practice for over 25 years. This new work tells LPW’s story, overlapping with her ongoing series of linocuts celebrating Leicester’s urban landscape. Depicting the events and characters that have shaped LPW’s journey from our beginnings in a former caretaker’s cottage in Aylestone with just one press, gradually outgrowing a Victorian end of terrace in Highfields to the planning and transformation of the 50 St. George Street warehouse where we are now at the centre of Leicester’s Cultural Quarter. These prints were the first to be printed on a recently acquired hydraulic press, one of several new pieces of equipment now available in our new studio, enabling artists to work on a larger scale.

Theo Miller

Theo was new to Leicester Print Workshop when he was awarded his residency and he began making work at our new studio. Evolving from 2D printmaking, Theo challenges the perception of ‘print’ in its traditional forms by extracting processes and techniques, then using them to create art that often alludes to printmaking. Theo learnt letterpress as part of his residency, culminating in an instructional artwork which aims to encourage and inspire artists to explore different ways of making, and push out of the comfort zone, acting as a metaphor for the Workshop’s supporting role in artist development.


Our Big Move Exhibition Talks

Get to know our resident artists and their work through a series of afternoon talks and demonstrations. Each talk is £5.

Meet Theo Miller. Saturday 25th February, 2pm—3.30pm.

Meet Sarah Kirby. Saturday 25th March, 2pm—3.30pm.

Meet Sumiko Eadon & Emma Gardner. Saturday 29th April, 2pm—3.30pm.

  • Where We Are Now, Linocut by Sarah Kirby
  • Attic £, Photoplate Lithograph by Sumiko Eadon
  • Un-Loca-Table, Photoplate Lithograph by Sumiko Eadon
  • Farewell III, Screenprint by Emma Gardner
  • Farewell IV, Screenprint by Emma Gardner