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In Another Place

In Another Place – 10 billboards, 10 places, 6 weeks

Celebrating contemporary art across the East Midlands, In Another Place is a collaboration between the Contemporary Visual Arts Network East Midlands and ten venues bringing new art to new audiences. Each venue has invited visual artists to present original artwork on billboards in diverse locations, transforming these everyday advertising spaces into a vibrant display across the region.

For In Another Place Leicester Print Workshop is presenting an enigmatic view of Oadby’s Twin Town; Norderstedt in Germany, by Theo Miller, which uses the interplay between the heritage of printmaking and the digitally printed image to reflect the twinned towns’ industrial pasts and modern futures.

The choice of letterpress printmaking reflects the billboard’s advertising heritage, but rather than a traditional typeface slogan, Miller has used monotype borders to create an image of the Norderstedt skyline, which has then been enlarged to highlight the intricacies and subtle irregularities of the original print.

The “other place” is a term used to describe the other House in Parliament. By convention, members of the Lords do not mention the Commons by name and MPs do not refer directly to the House of Lords when they are speaking in the Chamber and Miller employs this notion of an implicit “other place” in the work. Town twinning was first intended to foster friendship and understanding between different cultures and between former foes as an act of peace and reconciliation. Miller’s work is an aperture to “another place”, a peace offering to Oadby’s European twin in the United Kingdom’s post EU referendum climate.

Find out more about In Another Place, the participating venues, and how to get involved here.