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In Another Place

In Another Place – 10 billboards, 10 places, 6 weeks

Celebrating contemporary art across the East Midlands, In Another Place is a collaboration between the Contemporary Visual Arts Network East Midlands and ten venues bringing new art to new audiences. Each venue has invited visual artists to present original artwork on billboards in diverse locations, transforming these everyday advertising spaces into a vibrant display across the region.

Our billboard is located 3.2 miles away from LPW, south east of Leicester City Centre, past our former home at St. Stephens Road in Evington, and placed just off the A6 in a busy ASDA supermarket car park. This easy to visit location allows for more intimate, ‘close up’ viewings, as well as the chance to step back and view the billboard in context.

The choice of the site is hoped to present printmaking and Leicester Print Workshop to new, non-arts audiences and to raise engagement in a new area of the city.

In Another Place Exhibition
LPW Exhibition Space
19th May – 28th July 2018

At Leicester Print Workshop, we are showing new work by five artists: Phil Hackett, Khush Kali, Theo Miller, Emma Powell and Matthew Strong.

These five artists proposed new artwork in response to our Oadby billboard site. The resulting works address the context of the billboard itself, the aesthetics and language of reproduction and advertising, the natural surroundings and history of the location. From these proposals, a new commission by Theo Miller has been selected for our billboard.

Miller’s work presents an enigmatic view of Oadby’s Twin Town; Norderstedt in Germany, using the interplay between the heritage of printmaking and the digitally printed image to reflect the twinned towns’ industrial pasts and modern futures.

The choice of letterpress printmaking reflects the billboard’s advertising heritage, but rather than a traditional typeface slogan, Miller has used monotype borders to create an image of the Norderstedt skyline, which has then been enlarged to highlight the intricacies and subtle irregularities of the original print.

Phil Hackett ’s starting point was the I Love Leicester poster, commissioned and created by Bulb Design which has a web presence on

Khush Kali ’s approach was originally inspired by the history of Oadby and residents recorded in the Domesday Book.

Emma Powell ’s work looks to remove advertising completely from the carpark and to cultivate a new green space. Her silkscreen prints have been produced from photographs of trees taken at the location and allow nature to reclaim the site.

Matthew Strong has looked at the history of the site, which was formerly a Gateway and before that a Woolco Store – the first ‘out-of –town’ shopping centre in the UK. The building of this store in 1967 saw the demolition of the district council offices which inhabited Oadby Frith House, a period house from the 19th Century. This history has formed layers in Strong’s work, which is a continuation of his work exploring the understanding of ‘place’. The resulting, reflective image may resonate with those who remember the site before the site before it became it what it is now.

Find out more about In Another Place, the participating venues, and how to get involved here.