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A Study In Stone

An exhibition at Tarpey Gallery, Castle Donnington
September 30th – October 22nd, 2017
Opening Evening – September 30th, 6–8pm

This exhibition of stone lithographs has been organised by Tarpey Gallery, in conjunction with Leicester Print Workshop. The exhibition features work from five artists including Serena Smith, mentor of the Lithography Fellowship at Leicester Print Workshop, which is the inspiration for this exhibition.

The four artists and graduates of the fellowship who will be exhibiting alongside Serena are Kathryn Desforges, Nína Óskarsdóttir, Mandy Payne and Soraya Smithson although they all approach this extraordinarily technical and time consuming process with very different aesthetic sensibilities and subject matters their work is united through their passion and dedication to this time honoured medium.

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“The Lithography Fellowship is a project that has grown out of my own journey through the process and practices of fine art lithography. By it’s nature this is a printmaking medium that is technically complex and demands a high level of commitment from those who wish to learn.”
Serena Smith