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SUMMER SCHOOL TALK: Kathryn Desforges

When and where?

Thursday 26th July 5.30pm - 7.00pm
at Leicester Print Workshop.

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Join us for a season of artist talks to accompany our Summer Schools.

Kathryn Desforges is an artist and printmaker based in Leeds. Come and join her for an informal talk about her current practice.

In 2013 she undertook the second Lithography Fellowship at LPW – an inspirational year which enabled her to create a new body of work and led to a solo exhibition. Since then she has continued to develop her work through printmaking, including the use of chine colle and plywood lithography. Kathryn also works as print studio coordinator at West Yorkshire Print Workshop, and has recently returned from an artist residency in Japan learning watercolour woodblock printing.

Kathryn’s work is rooted in a fascination with her surroundings, and a desire to make connections with, and draw attention to the ordinary, overlooked areas of everyday life. Work is often the result of an internal dialogue between her and a particular place or time, an urge to get to know something better. Corners, shadows, unoccupied spaces, landscapes, solitary objects and moments of stillness are a constant source of inspiration. She uses drawing, printmaking, collage, photography and film as mediums to form, distill, and abstract, keeping experimentation and the physical act of making at the core of her practice.

“It is the interplay between creative thinking, technical skill, production and repetition which excites me about printmaking. I use print not solely to reproduce a piece of work, but as a way of generating ideas. It enables me to see and explore avenues and tangents which may not otherwise have been discovered. It is a constant learning curve!”

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