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ReForm Exhibition Launch

When and where?

Friday 15th November 6pm - 8pm
at Leicester Print Workshop.

What does it cost?


For this year’s Members’ show we invited responses to our Print/Process/Performance exhibition, which featured work by Fluxus and Concrete poetry artists from the De Montfort University Art Collection. Fluxus aimed to collapse the boundaries between art and life, undermine hierarchies between artists and audiences and between artforms, to open up dialogue. Fluxus and Concrete poetry shared an interest in the interplay between text, image and meaning.

In response, the artists in Reform have taken their inspiration from everyday life around them: from overheard conversations and observations of exchanges on public transport or walkways, to music by John Cage, miniature zen gardens and choreographic movements in printmaking. The artists have also focused on the way language is used through its visual form, poetry, and how we create meaning and memories. Alongside print in all techniques, the exhibition includes sound and music and live art performance, in reference to the Fluxus happenings. The work explores the role and presence of the artist, as audiences are invited to become collaborators through interacting with the work, as curators or coproducers, and bring new perspectives.