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Textile Screenprinting Summer School

Where? Leicester Print Workshop
When/how often? Tuesday 18th July until Saturday 22nd July 10.30am - 5.00pm.
Who's teaching the course? Zara Shepherd

Spend a week learning to screenprint effectively onto textiles and develop your ideas, working in a small group of 5 participants.

• Learn to choose and develop designs and drawings
• Develop your drawing ideas into a repeat design and learn to print a 1.5m fabric length using different repeat structures to experiment with your design
• Transfer your designs to screen
• Learn how to prepare and mix colours and experiment with layering colours and imagery
• Explore Heat Press techniques, foil, flock and puff binder, that can be used to further embellish your fabric designs
• Produce fabric designs suitable for making cushions and clothing at home, you may wish to construct a lampshade during your course.

£380 / £342 concessions

About the tutor

Zara Shepherd is a technical instructor at Loughborough University in the printed textile workshop. She runs all the taught workshops at Loughborough and has recently completed an associate fellowship in teaching certificate. Zara’s own design work includes printed fabric lengths, a range of baby wear, gift wrap and cards. Zara is enthusiastic to teach textile design and printing skills to others.

Course structure

Tuesday (am)

  • Welcome to LPW and introduction to the summer school
  • Tutor introduction showing examples of own work, briefing on the intended outcomes for the course.
  • Show examples of repeat structures.
  • Demo: How to accurately draw a repeat box
  • Demo: An introduction into selecting appropriate imagery for screen
  • Participant: to draw box for repeat
  • Individual tutorial to discuss images for exposing on to screen
  • Demo: Designing a repeat
  • Participant: experiment with repeat layout

Tuesday (pm)

  • Demo: How to coat a screen
  • Tutor to assist in selecting an A4 size image to put onto screen for sampling
  • Demo: preparing imagery for screen
  • Participant: continue designing their repeat

Wednesday (am)

  • Demo: How to put your image onto the screen
  • Demo: Colour mixing
  • Demo: Printing
  • Participant: Printing small samples and troubleshooting

Wednesday (pm)

  • Demo: Repeat design cut through explanation of the registration crosses
  • Participant: finalise design with cut through and registration marks
  • Demo: preparing repeat design for screen using drafting film or photocopies

Thursday (am)

  • Participant: Coat screen for repeat design
  • Demo: exposing screen in registration
  • Participant: Expose screen Thursday (PM)
  • Participant: Continue exposing screen
  • Demo: Experimenting with layering
  • Participant: to experiment with colour mixing
  • Participant: Printing small samples and troubleshooting
  • Demo: Heat press techniques

Friday (am)

  • Participant: Printing and experimenting with heat press techniques
  • Demo: setting up and printing a repeated fabric length
  • First participant ready print 1.5m length

Friday (pm)

  • Participant: Repeat printing 1.5m length
  • Printing and experimenting with smaller samples

Saturday (am)

  • Show examples of possible outcomes for repeat lengths
  • Demo: Lampshade making using LPW kit
  • Repeat printing 1.5m length
  • Participant: Experiment with print techniques learnt during the course

Saturday (pm)

  • Participant: Continue to experiment with print techniques learnt during the course
  • Clean up and close of summer school

“Excellent, loved it! Well planned and explained with plenty of time to try everything. Lovely meeting other folks into textiles.”

  • Textile Screenprint by Zara Shepherd
  • Textile Screenprint by Zara Shepherd
  • Textile Screenprint by Zara Shepherd
  • Textile Screenprint by Zara Shepherd
  • Textile Screenprint by Zara Shepherd