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Adana Letterpress Prints

Where? Leicester Print Workshop
When/how often? Monday 1st September until Monday 29th September 6.00pm - 8.00pm.
Who's teaching the course? Sat Kalsi

This 5 week evening class will introduce you to the Adana hand press and our collection of lead type. You will learn how to set the type to print postcard sized prints. Over five weeks you will have the time to experiment and develop your learning by setting multiple pieces of text and registering two colour prints with expert guidance and support.

Cost: £110 / £99 concessions

Course Structure:

Monday 1st September 6-8pm

  • An introduction into the letterpress area and location of both lead and wood type
  • Health and safety in Letterpress
  • Demo: How to set lead type using a composing stick and take a proof print using the galley press

Monday 8th September 6-8pm

  • Demo: How to lock type into a chase and print using the Adana hand press.
    Packing explained.
  • Demo: How to clean both type and the press

Monday 15th September 6-8pm

  • Students to print using both the galley and Adana press

Monday 22nd September 6-8pm

  • Demo: How to register a 2 colour print using the galley press and the Adana press

Monday 29th September 6-8pm

  • Finishing prints.
  • Redistributing type and tidying
  • Complete evaluations and close of course.

About the Tutor – Sat Kalsi
Sat Kalsi is a typesetter and printmaker based in Brighton and Leicester. Working largely with letterpress she uses lead type to produce type-based prints. She completed a BA in Graphic Design at the University of the Arts London (2008). She currently works as part of the studio team for Leicester Print Workshop and also as a Technical Demonstrator in the letterpress workshop for the University of Brighton School of Art, Design and Media.

  • Printing with the Adana press