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Letterpress & Lithography Fellowships

As part of its focus on lithography and letterpress, Leicester Print Workshop offers a post-graduate level fellowship in each technique. Investing in and supporting the continuing professional development of artists is central to Leicester Print Workshop’s aims to advance and sustain fine art printmaking.

This is a formal, postgraduate-level learning opportunity comprising of one year intensive fellowship and one year follow up support. The fellow is expected to commit to at least 2 days a week for year one.

The fellowships are open to ambitious artists, committed to their continued learning, with a keen and enthusiastic interest in the relevant technique.

As a part of this opportunity LPW offers the following:

Previous candidates have funded any further costs attached to the fellowship, such as travel or living expenses through GFTA and part-time work.

We currently have two 2015 Lithography Fellows – Nína Óskarsdóttir and Mandy Payne. Read more.

The Lithography Intern for 2013 was Kathryn Desforges.
Our expert lithographer, Serena Smith led the internship.

We took on our first Lithography Apprentice, Soraya Smithson in 2010. Read about her Apprenticeship here.

The Letterpress Apprentice for 2014 was Maria Rosaria Digregorio.
Our expert typesetter and printmaker, Sat Kalsi led the apprenticeship.

Future fellowship opportunities:

We will next recruit Letterpress and Lithography Fellowships in 2017.

We recruit openly through our opportunities page, our newsletter and social media. To receive our updates please sign up to our mailing list and follow us on twitter.

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