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One week left to submit proposals for ReForm!

3rd June 2019

Our annual members’ show presents an opportunity for artists to think differently about their practice, to spark new collaborations, and to create interdisciplinary work.

For our 2019 Members’ exhibition, instead of an Exhibition Brief, we are inviting Members to respond to the work and themes in our recent exhibition Print/Process/Performance, which brought together Fluxus works drawn from the De Montfort University Art Collection.

The title Print/Process/Performance, is in reference to “intermedia”, a term coined by Fluxus artist Dick Higgins, to describe artwork that falls between media, merges from one medium into another, or resists rigid artistic categorisations. A playful break away from the restraints of overly theoretical or skills led practice; we hope, that like Fluxus, the work and ideas in Print/Process/Performance will inspire LPW artists to open up their practice, exploring moments for unpredictability, collaborative interventions and to redefine the role of the artist.

This exhibition is open to LPW Artists only. Apply to be a LPW Member here.

CALL OUT: Download the Artist Call Out here.
DEADLINE: Please submit your proposals no later than 10th June.
DATES: The exhibition will run from 16 November 2019 – 15 February 2020, with an opening night on Friday 15th November.