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Small Print International Prizewinners Show

24th July 2017

We are very happy to present an exhibition of work by two of our Small Print International Prizewinners here at LPW this Summer.

Small Print International is LPW’s exhibition of 150 prints that measure no more than 100 square centimetres. The exhibition takes place every 4 or 5 years. Small Print International 2016 was selected in April 2016 by artists Angela Harding and Wuon-Gean Ho and Jennifer Ramkalawon, Curator of Western Modern and Contemporary Graphic Works, at the British Museum. The show toured to six venues during 2016 – 2017.

The panel selected four prizewinners, read more here. This exhibition brings together work by two of the artists awarded prizes, Danielle Creenaune and Andrew Kozlowski.

Danielle Creenaune

Australian born artist Danielle Creenaune lives and works in Spain. The pieces in this exhibition, entitled Terres Altes have been inspired by both the Australian landscape and the Catalan Pyrenees, at times resulting in hybrid landscapes.
Danielle works across a range of techniques depending on the
type of marks she wants to make and the feel that the work
needs. This exhibition brings together etchings, stone lithographs
and Mokulito, or wood lithography. Working with wood brings an
organic, textural element to her gestural landscapes.

Andrew Kozlowski

Andrew Kozlowski is an American artist who lives in Auburn, Alabama. The etchings in this exhibition are part of an ongoing series entitled Unfinished Sculptures, started in 2015. The prints are inspired by recent travels to Rome, a city which is both real and imagined, built on solid stone and marble as much as mythology and belief. Andrew is drawn to the history of print, in particular its relationship to telling stories, as well as the different drawing qualities and working methods that different printmaking techniques offer. We are delighted to host his first major show outside the USA.

Danielle says: “I always feel very humbled and honoured whenever my work is selected, recognised or awarded. Through Small Print International, Leicester Print Workshop has provided not only the winners, but all artists exhibiting in the show a chance to have their work appreciated by a UK wide audience and this is a great feeling for any artist at any level of their practice.”

“I’m both excited and honoured to have the chance to show new works in an atmosphere where people promote, learn and understand printmaking. It’s always encouraging to have the chance to show a series of work together as it allows you to offer the audience a more comprehensive view of what your work is and represents. I thank Jenny Ramkalawon from the British Museum for awarding my work with this prize.”

Andrew says: “I was so thrilled to have my work selected for Small Print International, it was great to know that my work was going to tour throughout the UK. When I got word that I’d received an award I was blown away. I’ve been in scores of juried shows over the years, but it really means something else to get that extra recognition. For me it also meant the first real international exhibition of my works, a huge milestone. And additionally I was excited to be able to share more works from the series with an audience who is really tuned into printmaking. Thanks to all the artists who participated in the exhibition, the curators for selecting my work, and to the staff of the Leicester Print Workshop for all their hard work in organizing these exhibitions. I wish I could be there in person to see it!”

The Small Print Prizewinners Show is showing at LPW’s Exhibition Space until 28th October.
Read more about the exhibition here